An Attic Adventure
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Happy Castle

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, Ben & Kay (our heroes) built a castle in which to work, play, and raise a happy family (the American dream).  Living, as they did, in a balmy southern climate with daytime temperatures ranging from warm (98 degrees) to bubbly (110 degrees), they grew overly sensitive to early morning temperatures that occasionally dipped to less than 90 degrees, and froze their tootsies as they tiptoed through the shower in preparation for their daily activities.

The BeastTo minimize the effects and thermal shock of such occurrences, they had installed, at the time of their castles construction, a wall heater fan that would gently warm the air in that oh-so-important place back to survivable levels.  Now Ben, being somewhat acquainted with things electric, had insisted that yon wall furnace be connected to itís own power line, for it was a hungry beast, consuming nearly 1600 watts of power, and would for sure show itís displeasure at having to share a wire with something as pedestrian as a hair dryer by blowing a fuse, requiring our heroes to then brave the inhospitable elements of the main castle by mounting a quest through the frozen wasteland to the stables in which the fuse box was located, to flip the switch, paying the penalty for their folly (note the incredibly run-on sentence).

Once the castle was built, our heroes took up gleeful residence in itís halls (documented elsewhere on this site), bounding through the Summer months with gleeful abandon - - never suspecting the dastardly future that awaited them.  For it was Summertime, where the temperature remained at 95 degrees or above, never threatening the tootsies of our heroes.  When Winter rose itís chilly visage, they were ready, supplying needed warmth from the wall of fire to snap the early morning chill from their bones.  Then one fair day, Rapunzel chose to drive the dampness from her tresses after an early morning shower, and was plunged instantly into darkness, as the wall of fire voiced itís displeasure at having to share itís kilowatts with a hair dryer.

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