The New Place
Highlights of A Work in Progress

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New Landscape Panoramas!

Sundown Page - Pretty!

Design: Greg Setzer
Cerda - Setzer Designs

Bob Davis Construction: Minton Newman - Supervisor

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First Floor Plan (94K) Second Floor Plan (80K) Front Elevation - Click for Outside Photos
Click for First Floor Plan Click for Second Floor Plan Click for Elevation
Living Room Dining Room Kitchen Library Foyer
Sewing Room Master Bedroom Master Bathroom Bedroom 1 Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3 Game Room Office Wires Outside

Paste-up Front 13 Nov (90K)

WOW!!  10 Nov 99

Windows For Christmas! 22 Dec 99

Roof On! Wallboard In! Ready to ROCK! 24 Feb

From the Rear - Jan 2K

Masonry Started - 01 Mar 2K

Neighborhood Pops Up (20 April 00)

Masonry Started - 01 Mar 2K

Main Entrance thru Dine to Great Room - 1 Mar 2K

Kitchen Wallbaord - 24 Feb 2K

Ben's corner study room (flash bulb on nail heads)

Kitchen Tile - the rest will be carpet

Front Rocked - 30 March

Side Rocked - 30 March

Front Entryway Tile Foyer Tile Accent Kitchen Cabinets - 30 March
Prior Photo Link
Mar 2K

With Winter water = Hocky Rink!!


NEW Photos!!!
Wallboard House Tour! Mar 2K

Link to Prior Photos
December 99 - Feb 2K

Link to Prior Photos
October - November 1999

Photos Taken With Bens New Toy - A Fujifilm MX-1700 Digital Camera

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