Kays Laser Battery Eliminator

Laser on the Voyager*17 Quilting Machine with Hinterberg Table

Closeup of 7/16 Dowel Rod with #24 Stranded Wire. Note: The case is positive, the center is negative!!
I drilled two 5/64" holes in the dowel. The black goes all the way through to the bottom. The red angles out to the side.
The black wire comes out the bottom, then wrapped under a  #4 x 3/8" pan head sheet metal screw.
I drilled the hole off center at the bottom so I would have room for the sheet metal screw. The dowel is then a snug press fit into the laser battery tube.
The positive wire comes out the side, wraps 1/2 way around, tucks into a hole, and is secured with a toothpick
I made about 3' of red and black wire, then tie -wrapped it to the cord of the Voyager. I connected it to the battery eliminator with using the mini-phono jack
This I got from Adorama Camera. The one seen above may no longer be available - see the blowup photo for details